Top 5 Sex Toys for Women

Improve Sex

Take the action in your bedroom to the next level with these sex toys

If you think that you’re the only way she can get to an orgasm, think again. Many women find sex toys to be the ultimate orgasmic tool to help them reach what men can’t. As we have time and time again, it’s healthy to keep sex pleasurable for both of you, and helping her get the big O will make her more enthusiastic with the idea of making sex pleasurable for you.

If you can’t do it, then sex toys for women are your best friend. Here are the top 5 sex toys for women:

    1. Vibrators
      Vibrators are one of the best things technology did for men. Back in the day, a popular electronics company introduced a handheld portable massager. Their product sold like pancakes, with their main market resting on – you guessed it right: Women. Thus, the modern vibrator was born. If you want to make sex pleasurable for your partner, introduce a vibrator in your bedroom and watch the sparks fly.
    2. The Sybian Saddle
      The Sybian Saddle is a sex toy solely designed for the sexual pleasure of women. It has a saddle-like seat which houses an electric motor and a control device for the intensity of the vibration. It’s designed to stimulate women in the position they love most – the girl on top position. For many women, this position produces the best clitoral stimulations that produce an orgasm. It may be a bit on the pricey end – at a whopping $1,300 per device, but the benefits on the bedroom would surely be worth your investment.
    3. Dildos
      Let’s just put it out there that men are intimidated of dildos. For one, dildos are usually bigger than the average man’s penis, and men sometimes take that as a threat. The fact that most men are missing out on is the advantage of using dildos to stimulate women in positions that you could never do with their penis. Plus, it gives you more options to do during sex.
    4. Lubricants
      Make sex more pleasurable by using the right lube. Sometimes, all you really need is to make the sex glide smoother for you and your partner. Lubricants affect pleasure in the same way that lotions make masturbation more pleasurable for men. Lubricants do not just help in improving pleasure for men and women; it also helps penetration easier especially when you want to have a quickie.
    5. You
      Who says that you can’t be a sex toy? The key is doing something that would make her feel like she’s having sex for the first time with you. The Coolidge Effect isn’t just for men; it works on women too. Women experience more pleasure when they experience it for the first time. Take the best penis enlargement pills like <a href=””>Formula 41 Extreme</a>to make your penis larger. Having a bigger penis would make your partner feel like she’s having sex for the first time with a bigger penis.