The Shocking Truth About Squirting

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Some facts about squirting that you wish you never knew 

Women are a mystery. From their mood swings and petty outbursts, down to what gets them off during sex, it’s no wonder why men can understand the unknowns of the universe, and yet remain clueless about more than half of the human race. Men have struggled to understand their better half since who knows when, and up to know, we feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface.

One of the greatest wonders of the female anatomy, is the ability of some sexually-gifted women to be able to squirt liquid during sex, just like men. For centuries, it has been debated whether squirting is a myth or not, given the extremely rare opportunities for such a thing to happen during sex. Over the years, there has been some speculations about squirting with both men and women trying to make sense of this rare phenomenon.

The backstory

Back in the day, the majority of the population didn’t have access to pornography, and most of us didn’t even know that squirting is possible. However, since pornography made us aware that squirting might be a kinky secret that had always existed but never revealed.

Since then, people tried to break down the science behind squirting, and came up with the conclusion that the female body doesn’t need to expel liquid to fulfill its purpose, therefore, there’s no sense for the human body to evolve by creating a reproductive function that it doesn’t need, unlike men who need to release semen in order to fulfill its reproductive function.

For years, being able to make a woman squirt during sex has become the holy grail for men. It’s the ultimate aphrodisiac that plays into a man’s ego. Men have tried endlessly to make their partners reach an uncontrollable orgasm that makes them squirt a clear fluid, which would be an ultimate sign that they were able to get a woman off.

The science behind squirting

Recent studies about the female orgasm have circulated the web recently involving data that shows the origins of the female ejaculate. The study, which was published on several credible science-related websites, involved seven women who claims that they experience massive emissions during sex.

Just to cut right through the chase, scientists found out that the clear liquid expelled during squirting contains the same composition of urine, albeit a little more diluted. The same components of urine, with the exception of PSA, or Prostatic-specific antigen, were found on the female ejaculate samples.

The lowdown

Basically, squirting is just the involuntary expulsion of urine during sexual excitation. It has a more diluted concentration of urine, and most of it is expelled through the urinary bladder.

Now, knowing that making a woman squirt is just akin to making a woman pee on you, would you still want to make your partner squirt? I don’t know about you, but I certainly will. It’s an undeniably sexy sensation that would make you feel on top of your game every time.

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