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Test X180 Reviews

Test X180 brands itself as an effective test booster that has the capacity to build sex-drive, increase libido, enhance bulk over the long haul, and improve execution in sexual circumstances.

While the science behind testosterone is 100% genuine, Test X180 does nothing to improve your testosterone levels and free testosterone, nor does it build your sex-drive, libido, or any area of your sexual health. There are very limited ways to naturally increase your testosterone levels, and the ones that work contain significantly more powerful ingredients than what is used in Test X180.

It appears that Testx180 is willing to do and say whatever necessary to become profitable, even at the cost of deceiving consumers.

Test X180 Uses Slimy Bait-and-Switch Tactics

Numerous users have reported various deceitful exercises by the organization behind Test X180.

The most common practice is convincing customers to enroll in a free trial offer, then continuing to bill the customers on a monthly basis without notice. Sometimes they are even sending products that customers have never even inquired about!

Another common problem is that the company behind Test X180 is not honoring their return policy. Customers who attempt to get their money back are met with the run around and rarely receive any refunds. The very lucky customers, who did actually receive a refund, only received a portion of their money back.

It is also known that the company uses bait-and-switch tactics. For example, customers are receiving packages of a much less expensive product than what they ordered, making the whole thing a complete scam.

Test X180 Uses Unproven Ingredients and Unproven Science

Testosterone is a very important male hormone that increases sexual wellbeing and libido as well.

The issues emerge from the ingredients Test X180 uses, and its claims that these ingredients are clinically proven to build free testosterone in men. This is essentially not genuine. In fact, the ingredients used have nothing to do with increasing free testosterone in men.

Thusly, one could infer that Test X180 is what might as well be called a placebo pill, where you see no real results, the exception of those that you may invoke in your mind.

The formula used has no scientific explanation, and on top of that the ingredients are of extremely low potency. Stay away from this product, it’s a scam.


Claims: Test X180 claims to increase testosterone production, therefore enhancing libido. In addition to this, it also increases muscle mass.

Reality: None of these claims are valid. This item does nothing to build any region of your sexual wellbeing, nor does it do anything to expand your bulk or testosterone.

Grade: F

We suggest that customers stay far away from Test X180. In addition to having no positive effect on expanding testosterone or your sexual health, it’s extremely expensive. Don’t forget the deceiving bait-and-switch tactics discussed earlier in this review.

What we Recommend

If you’re looking for an increase in your libido and sexual health, we recommend Libido Booster Extreme. As opposed to TestX180, Libido Booster Extreme actually uses a scientific formula and quality ingredients. The product has done great with clinical tests, and consumer reviews.