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Rexavar is a male enhancement supplement promoted by celebrities and porn stars such as Tommy Gunn, Ron Jeremy, and Jenna Jameson. The use of these celebrities in commercials and marketing has led to a large number of people trying Rexavar, but very few if any actually getting results. In fact, real users have reported that there was no effect at all on their sexual well-being.

The list of complaints includes overpriced, ineffective, and unhealthy effects on the body.

Rexavar boasts how it increases libido, increases the hardness of your erection, makes you last longer, and adds inches to your penis size. Our lab tests show, all of these claims are bogus. Actually, there has not been one positive review of this product from an actually user. Any positive review you may find is fake, and intended to flush out all of the REAL negative reviews.

Rexavar is Unproven, Uses Generic Ingredients, and Uses Celebrities to Trick You

Rexavar’s ingredients are extremely impotent, and were harvested from unidentified sources, deeming this product potentially harmful to ones body. Also, the conjunction of ingredients gives Rexavar an extremely low potency ratio, which is why it has little to no benefit to your sexual well-being.

All of Rexavar’s claims are marketing tactics to make consumers believe that their product actually works.

The company uses “Rapid Expansion Technology”, which is simply made up. Our tests have shown nothing to prove this technology.

We have also received complaints about serious health complications such as:

  • High blood-pressure
  • Severe headaches
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Heart-related issues

Rexavar instructs you to take this product daily, which only makes these symptoms worse. They also instruct you to take this product on an empty stomach which can lead to further complications.

Rip Off

Customers have also said that they do not honor their money back guarantee. Those who perused a refund were given the run-around and never actually got any money back from the company.

In addition to Rexavar having thousands of complaints, the other products by the same company (such as Longiness and Xantho 5X) have thousands of scam reports and fraud alerts all over the Internet and on official government databases to keep track of this information.


Claims: Rexavar boasts how it increases libido, increases the hardness of your erection, makes you last longer, and increases your penis size.

Reality: All of this is false. Customers have not reported any of these claims transpiring, and some even experienced health complications as a result of taking Rexavar.

Grade: F

What We Recommend

Formula 41 is a much better product than Rexavar. We have tested this product as well, and it has outperformed anything that our labs have seen. It has an extremely high potency ratio, and a lot of satisfied customers.