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Sex and bodybuilding are two different interests of men that are rarely thought of to be linked to each other. As it turns out, your sex life has much to do with how much your body develops when you train. The link between sex and exercise has been studied for years, and the latest research shows that its effects are even more significant than what you think.

For most men, the more they have sex, they tend to have a higher level of libido; but this doesn’t mean that your sex life doesn’t come at the expense of your natural ability to build muscle mass when you train. For one, every time you experience an orgasm, your body expels a crucial mineral that’s important to your bodybuilding progress – zinc.

Bodybuilding and Zinc

One of the most crucial links between sex, orgasms, and bodybuilding is Zinc. Zinc is an essential mineral present in some foods. It’s a natural antioxidant that helps your body get rid of harmful toxins – and its effects do not stop there. Zinc is also closely tied in to your testosterone levels. When your zinc levels go down, your testosterone levels go down as well.

Zinc plays an important role in bodybuilding as the main mineral that promotes testosterone production. Zinc is required for healthy sperm growth and development, and when zinc levels are low, there’s a big chance that you will experience a lower sex drive due to your lowered levels of testosterone. You will also experience a significant decrease in your ability to produce lean muscle mass because of the zinc deficiency.

The link between masturbation, sex, and bodybuilding

For most of us, zinc is easy to obtain in our diet – with oysters, shellfish, liver, cashews, and many other foods rich in zinc. However, as easy it is to obtain, it’s quite difficult to sustain high levels of zinc if you frequently experience an orgasm.

When you experience an orgasm – whether from masturbation or sex, your body releases zinc. This is the reason why you feel less interested in pursuing further sexual activity after experiencing an orgasm. The release of zinc is your body’s natural response to allow you to recuperate and rest your body after an orgasm before experiencing another orgasm, otherwise known as the refractory period in sex. When you orgasm frequently, you are constantly depleting your zinc stores, as well as your ability to produce testosterone – which is crucial to develop lean muscle mass.

The Game Changer

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should give up sex entirely just to build muscle mass. The best muscle building supplements can help you replenish your testosterone levels so you can keep enjoying sex as much as you want without any downsides for your bodybuilding goals. Xtreme Testosterone is a supplement that can help you naturally increase your production of testosterone to help you maximize your muscle gains no matter how active you are in sex. One pill of Xtreme Testosterone is all you need to get your testosterone levels up naturally every day to get the most out of your workouts.