Male Sexual Health Issues: Dealing with The Causes

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Are you suffering from some male sexual health issues? Sexual health as a topic has already been accepted by today’s society and there are many companies offering different solutions of improving it. If you are experiencing some sexual health issues, it is important to know the possible causes first so that you can know the right way of dealing with them.


If you are obese, you won’t certainly enjoy having sex because of your decreased libido. So, try to lose your extra pounds. Exercise daily. You might not notice a huge difference immediately, but you will, after working out for several months and losing a few pounds.

Exercise is not only necessary for physical health, but for sexual health as well. You don’t necessarily need to go to the gym and pay an expensive fee to get the right workout. You can simply run or walk around the neighborhood. It doesn’t matter what exercise you do as long as you’re able to have your heart rate increased.

Working out will definitely help you lose weight and enhance testosterone levels. With enhanced testosterone levels, your libido is increased as well, resulting to a more enjoyable sexual performance.

Lack of Sleep


Lack of sleep can also cause certain male sexual health issues. Sleep is an important factor when it comes to your sexual health so regardless of how busy you are, you should find time to take a rest or nap. Take a look at your schedule and find time to get enough sleep – around 6-8 hours every night. You can also take a nap during your free time or break time from work.

Without enough sleep, you might not be feeling well or you can become moody. This can certainly affect your sexual performance.


Aside from affecting your mental and physical health, stress can also badly affect your sexual health. Stress is unavoidable and it is already a part of our lives. It can be due to work, financial problems, family problems and many more. If you have a project that is on a deadline, your mind is surely focused on it and not on your sex activities.

You should not allow stress though to ruin your intimate time with your partner. Reduce it by having a relaxing time after work or by hanging out with a friend. You can also list down the things that stress you and then take the time to deal with them one by one. With a stress-free life, your risk of having male sexual health issues can be reduced.

Aside from dealing with these issues, there are also several supplements that you can use to improve your sexual health and to avoid male sexual health issues. You just have to search the net. Be aware though because there are some that are not safe and healthy at all. To ensure your safety, it is best to opt for the natural male supplements. Some of the best ones are Sexual Overdrive, Instant Erection, Formula41 Extreme, Libido Booster Extreme and Marathon Man Maca 1000. These have different functions so if you are planning to get them, make sure to know their particular functions. But in general, they are all effective and safe. So, consider giving them a go!