How weight loss helps with your sex life

Improve Sex

Being overweight is just as big of a problem in sex as well as in your sex life.

It’s not just about how being overweight affects your looks and your appeal with women, it also affects your sexual performance and appetite. It’s not just being overweight or obese that causes problems, it’s the health problems associated with being overweight and obese that causes problems in your sex life.

Here are 5 ways losing weight can help your sex life:

    1. Losing weight can help you with your libido
      Overweight guys tend to have lower libido levels. This is largely due to the hormonal imbalance linked to being overweight. Hormones control muscular growth and your libido. Increasing your weight would affect the hormones in your body, leading to a decrease in your libido. Also, an increased amount of fat in your body leads to an increase in Sex Hormone Binding Globulins (SHBG) in your system. SHBG binds to testosterone, which means that you would have fewer hormones to have a healthy sex life.
    2. Buried Penis Syndrome
      Although it sounds funny, the buried penis syndrome is no laughing matter. The buried penis syndrome is a condition which affects overweight and obese men. The amount of abdominal fat and skin in obese men can make the penis look smaller than it is. In some cases the fat buildup is closer to the penis, making the “usable” part smaller, since some of it is buried in skin and fat. Losing fat will trim your belly fat, and fat in the other parts of your body, which would make your penis bigger by proportion to your body.
    3. Erectile dysfunction
      Cardiovascular diseases are common with people who have weight problems. For obese men, an increase in cholesterol can block some arteries, leading to atherosclerosis, which decreases the amount of blood being transported by your circulatory system. This, in turn, affects your erections, which relies heavily on a healthy blood flow to your penis. People who are overweight or obese are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction that men who do not have any weight problems. Losing weight can lessen the stress on your heart and your circulatory system, and promote better blood flow to your penis.
    4. Stamina
      Due to the excess weight, overweight and obese men are often out of breath during sex. This can cause problems since women and men expect sex to be satisfying for both. If you are out of breath before your partner finishes, this can drastically affect your sexual relationship. Losing weight not only increases your stamina, but it can also increase the kind of sex that you’re having. Less weight means that you would have more energy to try out different sexual positions that would make sex more satisfying for your partner.
    5. Body image issues
      Being overweight exposes you to a number of body image issues that greatly affects your confidence and self-esteem. Confidence and self-esteem are very important to maintain a healthy sex life. Women find confidence very attractive. Having body image issues makes it more unlikely for women to find you attractive, regardless of how objectively attractive to women you really are.

If your weight causes you problems in your sex life, now is the time to change that. Of course, losing weight doesn’t happen overnight, and you might not have the luxury of time to wait until you lose weight before you overcome these challenges. While you’re working on losing weight, you can use supplements to help you with your libido, stamina, and erectile dysfunction. Male enhancement supplements like Formula 41 Extreme are proven to work wonders for your sexual health regardless if you’re overweight or not.

Just remember to commit to a healthy lifestyle. It may not happen overnight, but the results will surely be worth it.