How to spot a fake orgasm

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Learn how to spot a fake orgasm and what you should do about it

The most dreadful thing that can ever happen to a man is learning that your partner has faked her orgasm. I mean, how are you going to put up with that? Women have been faking orgasms for various reasons, and to be honest, we’re not even sure if we want to know if we’re being duped.

Men are very sensual when it comes to sex. We like to involve our senses as much as we can when we do it – what we see, what we feel, and what we hear comes into play when we’re having sex. That’s why it’s a big blow to our ego to learn that she’s just faking it. For what it’s worth, here are some telltale signs that she’s faking it:

1. She’s aloof after sex

Having an orgasm shoots your endorphins to the sky, and you can expect your partner to be happy, chatty, and expressive after having a genuine orgasm. If she becomes aloof after having sex, then there’s a big chance that she faked it.

2. It doesn’t match

If your partner suddenly starts moaning loudly and acting wildly during the act and you’re wondering how in the world you got her so horny, you should be suspicious. Of all things, men know what we’re doing to make women horny. If we know what we did to make women horny, then trust me – we’ll do it all day. If there’s nothing extraordinary that you did and she’s extraordinarily into it, she’s probably faking it.

3. She can’t look you in the eye

Faking an orgasm is basically lying, so all the telltale signs of lying can be present in someone who just faked an orgasm, including the inability to look you in the eye. After finishing, men would normally want a verbal confirmation of satisfaction during sex, and if she faked it, she would likely avoid the topic altogether.

Why is she faking it?

Who knows, really. Women fake orgasms for a lot of reasons, including avoiding having an awkward talk about why she can’t finish. If you’re comfortable with your partner, her sexual satisfaction is something that you would need to talk about. Sometimes, it’s something with her that prevents her from having an orgasm – stress, depression, body image, anxiety, and pressure – all of those mental factors prevent women from achieving an orgasm.

In some cases, men are the reason why women can’t get an orgasm. In sex, women are also sensual, but they would prefer that sex is give-and-take. That means that if you’re not into it as much as she is, she might not even want to orgasm in the first place. Your libido mirrors her libido, and if that’s the problem, you’ll need to fix it up real quick.

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At the end of the day, mutual satisfaction is important. Make an effort to figure out what’s wrong, and work it out with your partner.