Improve Sex

Let’s talk about how to make sex better for you

Don’t you just get fed up with all these talk about how to make sex more pleasurable for women? Men need to get sexually satisfied during sex too. If you think that you’re satisfied when you’re able to climax, think again. There are ways to make sex more intense, satisfying, and pleasurable for you too, and you can help make it happen.

Are you satisfied with your orgasm?

Unlike most women, men derive sexual pleasure from the satisfaction of our partners. When we satisfy women during sex, it plays well into our sexual fantasies. It makes us more masculine, more sexually charged, that the mere act of satisfying our partners is pleasurable for us as well. However, mutual satisfaction isn’t the only way for you to experience satisfaction during sex.

There are other aspects of sex for men that lead us to different kinds of sexual pleasure. Our fantasies, fetishes, hormones, and physical state all play a role in our sexual satisfaction. Most men only experience satisfaction from fantasies and mutual satisfaction, and very few have tried experimenting with sex to discover another level of their sexual pleasure.

Sexual pleasure in orgasms

Have you ever experienced an orgasm which is more intense than your other orgasms? I bet that if you had it your way, you’d prefer having intense orgasms every time, right? However, intense orgasms only occur in the right circumstances, and it doesn’t happen randomly.

Your orgasm is brought about by sexual stimulation and the hormones in your body – specifically testosterone. Your testosterone levels dictate how much ejaculate is expelled during your orgasm. The sensation brought about by orgasm is mainly felt by the expulsion of ejaculate during orgasms. That’s why men experience more sexual pleasure after expelling a larger amount of ejaculate. Therefore, increasing your testosterone levels would also increase the pleasure you feel during your orgasm.

Why is testosterone important for you?

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for creating primary male characteristics, like broad shoulders, bigger muscles, and of course – sexual development. Testosterone is also the hormone responsible for increasing the sexual appetite in both men and women.

A high level of testosterone makes adult men more responsive to sexual stimulus, which makes sex more pleasurable. This is also the reason why older men with low testosterone experience less intense orgasms. Some are even having problems reaching an orgasm due to low testosterone.

High testosterone levels are also linked to pheromones – the chemicals secreted in our sweat and bodily fluids that are sensed subconsciously by the opposite sex that triggers sexual interest and excitement. In a nutshell, high testosterone levels make you hungrier for sex, more sensitive to sexual pleasure, and more attractive to the opposite sex.

How do you raise your testosterone levels naturally?

There are a number of ways to raise your testosterone levels naturally. One of the easiest ways to raise your testosterone levels is simply by reducing your urge to masturbate.  When you experience an orgasm, your body naturally regulates and lowers down your testosterone levels. Frequent masturbation leads to a decrease in testosterone levels, which as a result, would prevent you from experiencing more intense orgasms.

A lesser-known way for improving your testosterone levels is by taking Zinc supplements. Zinc is responsible for blocking the conversion of testosterone to a form of estrogen. Your body’s zinc content is directly proportional to your body’s testosterone levels. However, taking zinc supplements would only make a difference if you have a zinc deficiency.

The easiest way to improve testosterone is by taking the best male enhancement supplements that contain ingredients that boost testosterone, like Libido Booster ExtremeLibido Booster Extreme contains all-natural ingredients that boost testosterone levels, like Tongkat Ali and Horny Goat Weed. These ingredients are clinically-proven to enhance your testosterone levels, so you can improve your sexual performance.

As men, we can take it upon ourselves to improve the quality of our sex life. If you haven’t experienced an intense orgasm in a while, you can follow these tips to finally get the sexual satisfaction you’ve been looking for.