How to give her multiple orgasms

Improve Sex

Master the art of giving her the big O

Reaching an orgasm is just as important for women as it is for men. The peak of ecstasy is much more coveted in women since not every woman can experience an orgasm during sexual intercourse, much less having multiple orgasms in one night. When it comes to the female orgasm, there’s no step-by-step guide to teach you how to get there, since every woman has different preferences when it comes to lovemaking.

This much is true about female orgasms – three or more orgasms are better than one. Let her know that her pleasure and satisfaction matters to you by giving her multiple orgasms. Here are some ways to help you give her that big O multiple times in one night:

    1. Set the mood
      Women can’t orgasm if they don’t feel like it’s time to have it, so make an effort to set the mood right. Women have their own preferences, and by now you have to know what sets the mood for her. Some women want a sensual massage; others want to listen to their favorite sexy tunes during foreplay. Setting the mood is important if you want to start the night right.
    2. Learn the art of anticipation
      Don’t just dive in right away. A woman is more sensitive to your touch if you take your time and let her anticipate and wait for your next move. Anticipation amplifies the pleasure zones to a point that every touch and every contact is more electric so you can both enjoy the excitement and ecstasy of the moment.
    3. Talk sexy
      Not just dirty – talk sexy. Make her feel sexy with the way you talk. You don’t need to have a deep conversation before you have sex, just whisper in her ears and tell her intimate things that you want to share with her. At this point, you know what she wants to hear, you’ll just have to say it in a manner which she’d find sexy.
    4. Be creative
      Don’t expect her to like the same positions that you do. Experiment with other positions that she may like, and look for more sensual positions which can help you stimulate her different erogenous zones while having sex. Remember that sex is not like an arcade game where you just mash all the buttons and hope for the best. She knows what she likes, and she’s just waiting for you to do it.
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