Improve Sex

Know what foods to avoid

We all know that there are certain foods that can increase our libido, but there are also some types of foods with gives the exact opposite effects of an aphrodisiac. What’s surprising is that many of us are not aware that these foods can lower our sex drive. If you find yourself refusing sex more than usual, it might be something in your diet that causes your low sexual appetite.

There are several factors that decrease your sex drive. Most physicians tell you that it’s your age or lifestyle, but diet is often overlooked. Certain types of foods can greatly affect your sexual appetite, especially as you age. Watch out for these foods the next time you buy food or go out for dinner:

    1. Licorice
      Who doesn’t like the sweet sugary taste of licorice? As sweet as licorice is, it’s not a treat to your sexual health. Licorice contains phytoestrogens and it also affects your endocrine system. Based on studies, licorice can effectively lower your testosterone levels, the primary hormone that controls your sex drive.
    2. Soy-based products
      Health nuts go gaga over soy products. Soy milk, soy beans, tofu – you name it. Soy beans are naturally rich in nutrients including vitamins A, B and proteins. Some vegan diets include a big amount of soy-based products in their diet to replace other sources of protein. Eaten in excess, tofu can lower testosterone levels in your body, and subsequently lower your sex drive.
    3. Corn flakes
      Did you know that cornflakes were originally intended to be a part of a bland diet that lowers sex drive? In fact, it’s one of the few products that were developed to decrease libido. Cornflakes were invented by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, together with the Seventh-Day Adventists as a part of an anti-masturbation campaign. Stay away from cornflakes if you’re planning to get a little frisky later in the day.
    4. Microwavable Popcorn
      If you’re planning a movie marathon and a little action in the bedroom later on, stay away from microwavable popcorn. The compounds used in the inner lining of the popcorn bags have been linked to a lower sexual appetite for men. These popcorn bags contain perfluoroalkyl acyds which are known to lower libido and sperm count.
    5. Graham Crackers
      Just like cornflakes, Graham Crackers are developed to suppress carnal desires. Dr. Sylvester Graham created the famous crackers back in 1829, and he believed that this would effectively suppress sexual appetite. Of course, it wasn’t proven back then, but now, research proves that excess refined carbohydrates found in graham crackers can effectively lower testosterone levels.
    6. Alcohol
      I was skeptical when I first learned that alcohol actually decreases your sex drive. Many of us say that it’s one of the reasons why we get laid in the first place, right? While it’s true that alcohol breaks down your inhibitions, alcohol is the complete antithesis of aphrodisiacs. Alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction, trouble reaching an orgasm, and even premature ejaculation. These things are controlled by your conscious mind, and too much alcohol can simply kill the vibe.
    7.  Mint
      It turns out that greens are not always good for your body. Mint is found in several kinds of salads, and it’s also found in alcoholic drinks like Mojitos. Also, it’s been a practice for many to take breath mints after eating. As it turns out, mint has some libido-decreasing properties. Better brush your teeth instead of taking a breath mint.

Eating these kinds of foods can drastically affect your libido, especially if you’re in your 40s. That’s why it’s important to keep your testosterone levels high so your sexual appetite won’t be affected regardless of what you eat or drink. Here’s my advice – take some supplements that boost your sexual appetite and testosterone levels like Libido Booster Extreme. Libido Booster Extreme is the best male enhancement pill for sexual appetite. If you’re serious about maintaining your sexual health, then taking supplements is the way to go.