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According to the studies conducted by Sexual Advice Association, it has been found that one in every 10 men suffers from sexual problem. Fortunately, with the help of male sexual health supplements, majority of sexual problems can be treated easily. However, before running off to the drug store to buy sexual health supplements, it is important for you to know the causes of the common sexual problems in men. Knowing the causes helps you greatly in preventing the future occurrence of sexual problems and also allows you to avoid the unhealthy habits that may lead to sexual dysfunction.

So, below here is listed some of the most common causes of sexual disorders among men:

    • Medical conditions:

Some particular medical condition among men can often lead to sexual dysfunction. Medical conditions like diabetes, neurological disorders, heart disease and vascular disease can have adverse effect on your sex life. Most of the people are not even aware that they suffer from some of these conditions until the symptoms become severe due to their lack of interest in health checkup. So, in such cases, these diseases keeps on affecting your sex life without your knowledge and you keep on trying to cure your sexual problems with other methods which don’t last long. So, make sure you get a thorough health checkup if you suffer from any kind of sexual problems.

    • Hormonal imbalance:

Hormonal imbalance in your body is also one of the major causes for sexual problems among men. As most of the functions in the human body, especially the reproductive functions are dependent on the secretion of particular hormones, so any kind of hormonal imbalance can affect the function of your reproductive organs leading to sexual dysfunction.

    • Chronic diseases

Chronic diseases such as kidney failure or liver failure can also give rise to sexual problems. If you are diagnosed with any kind of chronic diseases that needs long term treatment and which is also affecting your sex life then make sure you consult your physician to receive proper treatment for your sexual problems.

    • Alcoholism or drug abuse

It is a commonly known fact that alcoholism or drug addiction destroys your health but you may not be aware of its effect on your sex life. Being an alcoholic for a long period of time can rob you off your sexual health by leading you to impotency and erectile dysfunction. It also affects your capacity to have orgasms during sexual activity. Besides alcoholism, drug addiction can also cause you similar sexual problems.

    • Psychological problems

Studies have found that sexual problems are not only the result of physical conditions but it can also be created by psychological problems. Work related stress, anxiety, depression and trauma can cause different types of sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, inability to experience orgasm and lower sex drive. However, this can be easily treated with proper therapy and treatment. Moreover, using male sexual enhancement drug can also correct these kinds of sexual disorders at a very fast rate without causing any side effects or harming your overall health.