Can women take Male Enhancement Pills?

Improve Sex

Can you share your pills with your partners?

Unlike men, women don’t have their own version of Viagra and male enhancement supplements that would help them enhance their sexual performance. They are limited to using lubricants and sex toys to improve their sexual pleasure, and sometimes that’s just not enough.

One of the most common questions we get on our mailbox is about our customers asking if they can share their supplements with their partners. Some of our readers have come across our review of the best male enhancement products and decided to give it a go. They found the products to be so effective that it sparked their curiosity about sharing them with their partners.

Male enhancement supplements on women

Male and female bodies are different. Our sex hormones are inversely proportional with each other, and that’s why it’s difficult to recommend a male enhancement supplement that would work on both men and women. Many male enhancement supplements work on the male body by boosting testosterone levels, which lead to an increase in libido in men.

Women generally avoid testosterone boosters believing that a boost in testosterone would develop primary male characteristics. The truth is – women also have testosterone in their bodies. Testosterone is an androgen that plays an important role in regulating a woman’s reproductive cycle and overall health.

One of the actions of testosterone in a woman’s body is its contribution to sexual arousal, or the physical part of sex that makes women horny. In essence, if a woman has a slightly elevated testosterone levels, you can expect her to be easily aroused. However, too much testosterone can alter a woman’s reproductive cycle and produce unpleasant results

Male enhancement supplements that do not work on women

Some male enhancement supplements simply wouldn’t work on a woman’s body because it affects other aspects of male sexual health that do not affect women. Good examples of these ingredients are the nitric oxide boosters, which dilate the blood vessels in order to improve the blood flow to the penis. This function is only applicable to improve the quality of erections in men, and it doesn’t involve any sexual function in women.

 Male enhancement supplements that women can use

Some male enhancement supplements can be used by both men and women. These are the supplements that affect the way your body regulates your hormones. Maca Root is a great example of a supplement ingredient that can be used by both men and women. Maca Root has been used for centuries as a way for farmers to improve the fertility of their livestock. Today, Maca Root is used to reduce the refractory period in men (rest period in between orgasms) and to make women more capable of reaching multiple orgasms. The best male enhancement supplement that contains Maca Root is Marathon Man Maca 1000. It contains a balanced blend of Maca Root and Epimedium, which can be used by both men and women to improve sexual function.

For best results, take one pill of Marathon Man Maca 1000 a day and share it with your partner. You’ll be surprised with the results!