7 Things Women Secretly Want in Bed

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How many of these do you know?

As my favorite comedian Kevin Hart once said in one of his shows, Women are just as nasty as men, they are just better at it. It all makes sense – women have sexual needs just as men do, and they are also prone to sexual desires just like us. So why are men painted as the sole party who wants to do nasty things in bed? Call it feminine pride, being apprehensive, or just reluctant, women also play out fantasies in their head, they’re just not as open as we are about it.

Do you find it hard to understand women? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Be a little less clueless and check out the 7 things women secretly want in bed:

    1. Nasty, dirty talk
      Do you talk dirty in bed? Maybe it’s time to start. Women want dirty talk in bed. While men want a more WYSIWYG sex, meaning we want to see and hear sexy things during sex to keep us going, women process words as well. That’s why sex for women is more exciting with dirty talk. If you’re trying this step out, better gauge it by going mild at first and gauge her response. See how she likes it and move on from there.
    2. Longer foreplay
      Some men just want to stick it in and get it over with. Be the king of the bedroom when you make foreplay last longer. Tease her until she begs for it. This means some strong restriction on your part, but the reward is an overly-enthusiastic lady who wants to hump your brains out. Try giving her an orgasm before the sex actually starts, and she would be more than likely to return the favor.
    3. Getting directions
      Most women would like to reciprocate what you’re doing, and that’s why sometimes they are being extra-enthusiastic during sex. Turn it up a notch by giving her directions to make it feel great for you. Giving her directions would make her anticipate your next move on her. This is one of the best ways to get her hot and heavy to make your next moves extra pleasurable for her.
    4. Rough Sex
      Rough sex is something that needs to be done right, or it won’t feel nice at all. Women secretly want getting rough during sex because we finally put into action how excited we are for them. Also, rough sex is getting rarer and rarer because only a few men dare to be rough. It’s because men are worried about crossing the line between rough and respect. Don’t worry, rough sex is all about going slow, then seeing how far you both want to go.
    5. Being submissive
      The best thing about sex is that you can live out your fantasies. Many women fantasize about being submissive during sex. Give out orders; tie her up, as long as she’s into that. Remember 50 Shades of Grey? No matter how crappy the writing was, the book was a hit for a reason. It’s because being assertive is a masculine trait, and that makes sex more enjoyable for both of you.
    6. Letting her know what you’re going to do
      In sex, anticipation is sexual torture – especially for women. If women are excited, they can’t contain themselves. Let her know what you’re going to do, and make sure that it’s one of the things that get her off. Whether it’s going down south on her, or getting it on from behind, just by saying what you’re going to do will bring her excitement.
    7. Lasting longer in bed
      Now, here’s where it gets tricky – not many men have the ability to last longer in bed. In fact, many of us cannot hold our orgasms. That’s why finding a man who lasts longer than them is like hitting the lottery. If you’re not sure about your staying power, then it’s high time for you to look for the best male enhancement supplements that can help you last longer. What I’d recommend is Marathon Man Maca 1000. It works wonders by increasing your staying power by decreasing your refractory period (the resting phase after an orgasm) so you can have another orgasm. Nowadays, being able to climax twice during sex is extremely rare for men. Surprise her by lasting all night. That should do the trick.