Improve Sex

Do you send dick pics?

Want to turn things up a bit with your lady? Sending her a dick pic might do the trick.

Dick pics are pretty common nowadays, with all the camera phones and sexting, but only a handful of men really know how to send good dick pics. Men have been taking poor dick pics for so long that it gave dick pics a bad reputation. Truth be told, dick pics can be your ally when you use it correctly, but what makes a really good dick pic?

Here are 7 simple rules of taking a dick pic:

    1. Timing is important
      Don’t just send it without warning. No matter how frisky you’ve been with her, it won’t do you any good if you just send it without her asking for it. Get her in the mood – timing is extremely important. There’s such a thing as foreplay even though it’s just sexting. Once you got her hot and heavy and gives the signal, fire away!
    2. Don’t overly zoom it in
      She knows if you’re trying to make it bigger. Hell, she expects you to try and make it look bigger in the picture. No matter how high def your pic looks like, if it’s too zoomed in, she’d know. Instead of the erotic message that you’re trying to convey, you just made yourself a complete jackass by trying to make your penis bigger by taking a picture.
    3. Banana for scale doesn’t work
      Men are trying to settle the argument by sending a dick pic with their penis lined up against a banana, a toothpaste tube, or some other scaling item. Yes, women get that your penis gets bigger when excited, but lining it up with an inanimate object doesn’t make your case; it just proves that you obsess about your penis size more than anything.
    4. Don’t be too excited
      Don’t send the first shot you get. Of course, when you’re excited the whole sense of reason goes out the window. Find the proper sense to change or edit your pic and try and do a retake if it’s not good enough. Ask yourself – would this be enough to make her horny? Will your pic be good enough to feed her imagination? If not, take another pic. It won’t hurt.
    5. Include some parts of your body
      According to women, the most frustrating part of dick pics is that it only focuses on the penis. Well, duh – it’s a dick pic for a reason. But most women say that they prefer for men to include other parts of the body. Take your dick pic with a half-body shot or from your POV with your feet in the background. It’s just more erotic like that. Go figure.
    6. Don’t include your face.
      Do we really need to stress this out? Don’t include your face when you take a dick pic. Just imagine the photo of your smug face with a gang sign up and your penis at the centerpiece for everyone to see. Not only that, if you’ve had sex before, she knows how you look when you’re horny, and that horny look goes away when you pose for the camera.
    7. Dick pics are not for you to enjoy
      No matter how much it feeds your ego, your dick pics are for your receiver first and foremost. Think of it as an ad for used cars – see to appreciate. You’re just giving her a glimpse, but she’d have to see it in the flesh to experience.


If you’re using dick pics to make your penis appear larger than usual, then you’re way off track. You might get in her pants, but false advertising about your penis doesn’t live long. It’s a buzz kill when you make her expect for a big penis when you don’t have one. Why not enlarge your penis and just make your penis worthy of in-the-flesh praise? All-natural male enhancement supplements like Formula 41 Extreme are available to help you enlarge your penis naturally.