Improve Sex

Have you done any of these?

Last night, I watched some clips of Steve Harvey’s Family Feud on Youtube, and I came across an interesting survey question: What would men do to get laid? Interestingly enough, women were clueless about the things we do just to get laid. As it turns out, the male contestants were right on the money.

Men would do a lot of crazy things for sex, and as Steve Harvey puts it, We’d buy it, we’d kill you about it, we’ll beg you for it, we’ll lie about it, and at the end of the day, we’d lay down our life for it. Funny times, yes, and men really do crazy things for sex. Here are 5 of the weirdest things men do to get laid:

    1. Catcalls
      It’s not only immature, but disrespectful for women as well. But somehow, some weird adolescent-minded dude thinks that catcalls can get him closer to sealing the deal. Blurting out verbal obscenities is not the way to a woman’s heart, or in her pants. Whistling is just as bad. No woman would want to talk, or have sex with any man who catcalls. Period.
    2. Dick pics
      Recently, sending women snapshots of their engorged manhood has become a thing for some guys. Not only is this disrespectful, it’s also a form of harassment if it’s unsolicited. In essence, men who send dick pics do not give women a chance to reject what they are sending. No matter how close you are to sealing the deal, you shouldn’t send a dick pic unless she requested for it.
    3. Binge drinking
      It’s a typical joke for men that a few more shots can make a woman more attractive, but it certainly doesn’t work both ways. If you drink more than what you can handle, you end up being way too drunk to even function normally. Nobody wants to sleep with a stumbling drunk. Plus, being intoxicated makes you obnoxious, smelly, and essentially unattractive. You have a better shot of getting laid if you wouldn’t drink at all.
    4. Pushing up your member on her
      Some men are so screwed up in their image of sexiness that they think pushing their boners up a woman’s behind is a surefire way of getting into bed with her. Again, it’s inappropriate, rude, and downright a form of harassment. Women do not become attracted because they feel a throbbing penis pressing against their butt; if anything, they would feel threatened, and threatening a woman with your penis won’t win you some points.
    5. Taking Viagra before go-time
      Some guys are so sure that they would seal the deal that they take their penis pills prematurely. They end up having the most awkward boners ever, and there’s no way to calm it down. Viagra and Cialis are erectile dysfunction drugs that need to be taken about 30 minutes before sexual activity, and there’s no practical way for you to figure out when you’re going to have sex, it’s better to take the best male enhancement supplements like Formula 41 Extreme to get you ready whenever you need to be ready.