5 things you do that shrink your penis

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Are you unconsciously shrinking your penis?

It’s bad enough that you can’t make your penis longer without the best penis enlargement pills, but there are actually things that you do that make your penis smaller without knowing it. After puberty, your chance to enlarge your penis without the use of supplements is almost zero, but what you do to your body can shrink it with no hopes of getting your original size back.

Almost all men are oblivious to the fact that our male organ is extremely sensitive – like a complicated piece of machinery that only works under the right circumstances. Some of the things we do normally can actually cause loss of libido, and worst of all – erectile dysfunction. Are you unconsciously damaging your penis? Here are 5 things you do that shrink your penis:

    1. Wearing tight underwear
      Ever since I was a boy, I’ve always been a boxers-kind-of-guy. Up to this point, I still don’t understand why some men prefer briefs over boxers. It’s just comfortable, isn’t it? Anyway, some briefs may be too tight for some men, and wearing those tight briefs may actually shrink the penis. Wearing tight underwear can obstruct the blood flow going to your penis, which prevents it from being fully erect. Over time, the obstruction can become permanent, and you end up with a smaller penis.
    2. Masturbating too much
      When I was a kid, I heard that when you masturbate too much, your penis will fall off. Of course, I knew it was a joke then, but as it turns out, it’s almost true. Masturbating too much will not make your penis fall off, but it will make it smaller. When you masturbate, you lower your body’s testosterone levels. Lower testosterone means less excitement during sex, which shrinks the size of your penis during intercourse. If you really can’t help yourself from taking matters into your own hands, make sure that you take the best male enhancement pills to maintain optimal testosterone levels.
    3. Sedentary lifestyle
      Living a sedentary lifestyle over a long period of time would likely make your penis smaller. When you lack physical activity, the blood flow throughout your body is always at a minimum. An erection, if anything, is controlled by blood flow. Not enough blood flow on your penis makes it smaller in comparison to what it could be if you were physically active. If you’ve gained some weight because of your sedentary lifestyle, try and do some cardio exercises with the best fat burning pills like LipoGenix elite to help you get back in shape.
    4. Eating too much cholesterol
      Cholesterol is the #1 enemy of your erections. Cholesterol doesn’t just make you increase your weight; it also forms blockages in your arteries, resulting in atherosclerosis. With a reduced flexibility in your arteries, blood cannot go freely into your penis, which prevents it from reaching its full size when erect. Atherosclerosis can be resolved by living a healthy lifestyle.
    5. Not taking supplements
      In today’s day and age, it’s almost impossible to live without supplements. The human diet today is comprised of the same stuff you see every day, unlike back in the day when we had some form of variation in our diet. That’s why taking your daily supplements is important – to fill the nutrient blanks left by your diet. An example of a nutrient that you need is L-Arginine, a semi-essential amino acid found in meat. By taking L-Arginine supplements (combined with aphrodisiac ingredients) can drastically improve the size of your penis with just one pill.

Erections are primarily controlled by the expansion of blood vessels in your body to push blood to the penis. Any form of activity that would decrease or impair your blood flow would automatically reflect on your sexual performance. To ensure that you get the optimal blood flow every time, take the best male enhancement supplements that contain vasodilator ingredients to help move blood to your penis during erections. If you have noticed a slight shrinkage in your penis, better act fast or you risk permanent damage to your penis.