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A couple of weeks ago, news broke about the hacking and massive information leak on the popular cheating website, Ashley Madison. The information leaked to the public was incredibly damaging, with real names, emails, credit card information, as well as physical addresses were all published for the world to see; and all a suspicious spouse needs to do is to perform a quick look-up to verify if her suspicions were true.

Call it poetic justice, or simply a case about the flaws of Ashley Madison’s internet security, you cannot argue that the leak sent shockwaves around the world. Men and women now would be more cautious about their online transactions and conversations; more so if it’s meant to be a secret that no one else is supposed to know. Here are 5 things we learned from the Ashley Madison leak:

    1. Screen names won’t save you
      You might sign up with a screen name, but your credit card information will give you away. In Ashley Madison, you would have to pony up a bit of cash to use their services. That means that you would have to use your legitimate credit card account to tie-in with your screen name so your screen persona can get some action. With the information leak, hundreds of screen names were exposed.
    2. Even high-powered individuals are looking for something on the side
      You’d think that high ranking officials of the government and some in the private sector would be smart enough not to use their credentials at work just to charge for some credits at a cheating website, but it just goes to show that you can’t underestimate the urgency of a horny married man. Thousands of accounts were revealed to have come from big fortune 500 companies, and some were even registered using emails in government domains.
    3. Nobody can guarantee anonymity
      The website survived because it promised users one thing – complete anonymity. Apparently, the security of the website was not enough to live up to its promises. If you really want to remain anonymous, do your part and cover your tracks. Even so, if someone is determined to find out, they will find out – just make it a bit harder for them.
    4. Men are chatting with fakes
      In a website that is composed of 85% men, you’d expect that the accounts listed on the site should be 85% male too, right? Wrong. The website appears to have about 82% of its total accounts listed either female or blank, with the majority of these accounts originating from the Ashley Madison domain itself. It appears that majority of the 10 million active male users on the website; majority weren’t even getting close to having an affair because the women hardly existed in the first place – only employees pretending to be affair-hungry women looking for married men.
    5. Money spent on Ashley Madison could’ve been spent somewhere else
      Given the massive leak and embarrassment that the users endured after the leak, almost everyone regrets their decision to sign up and pay for the service, while their money could’ve gone somewhere else, like the best male enhancement supplements like Libido Booster Extreme. Who needs an affair online if you could have one with sheer confidence and libido alone? We’re not condoning extra-marital affairs, but real life relationships trump online affairs any day.