5 Reasons to Avoid Post-Marriage Weight Gain

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Do you experience post-wedding weight gain?

Is it really surprising that men gain weight after getting married? Of course men gain weight after getting married. The reasons are obvious. That’s why the term “dad-bod” was even coined. Men who get married are stereotyped as overweight dudes who occasionally play ball with their friends or visit the gym once every month.

The most obvious reason why men gain weight after getting married is because men get comfortable with their situation. We are no longer in the hunt for a partner, and so we let ourselves go knowing that we are finally done with keeping ourselves aesthetically pleasing for the opposite sex. Whatever the reason is behind a man’s weight gain after getting married, it can have lasting effects on a man’s lifestyle. Here are 5 reasons to avoid post-marriage weight gain:

    1. You get too comfortable in your own skin
      Yes, it’s good to get comfortable with your partner, but not to a point that you’re becoming too translucent in your relationship. Men who are no longer on the prowl think that it’s practically okay to be unattractive because there’s no one to attract anymore. However, attraction is still a powerful force in relationships. You may find your partner uninterested in you simply because you’re no longer sexually attractive.
    2. Increased risk of diabetes
      People who do not watch their weight are more likely to be careless with what they eat as well. Overweight people are at risk for developing type-2 diabetes. Over time, diabetes can lead to more serious health problems like blindness, amputations, infections, and many more.
    3. Increased risk of heart disease
      People who are overweight are also at risk of developing some form of heart disease. The risk for developing a heart condition increases as men age, and being overweight certainly does not help. One of the most common factors for heart disease is cholesterol – which is taken heartily by men who do not watch their diet. High cholesterol levels increase their risk for developing atherosclerosis, or the plaque buildup along arterial walls that make arteries stiff and prone to clogging.
    4. Less mobility
      As men age, we are becoming less and less mobile. It’s no surprise that men who are fit can still play ball in their 50s, while overweight men can barely shoot a basketball in their mid-40s. Mobility can become a huge issue when you get a lot older. As the man of the house, you are expected to perform manual labor in the house, and being overweight simply makes you incapable of doing so.
    5. Erectile dysfunction
      Men who are overweight are more at risk of developing erectile dysfunction. According to studies, men are about 35% more likely to develop erectile dysfunction when overweight. The fat buildup combined with other factors such as cholesterol and diabetes can severely impair blood flow and nerve function in your sexual organs.

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