5 Pet Peeves of Women in Bed

Improve Sex

Do these things and she will hate you for it.

Not everything you do in sex is sexy. That’s why we have created RedTrust to help you understand how you can improve your game in the bedroom and how you can improve your sexual health by taking the best male enhancement supplements. Improving your bedroom game isn’t just about the things that you can do; it also involves the things that you shouldn’t do to keep the good thing going.

Let’s all agree that it’s impossible to understand women in bed, and all we are really doing is just guessing, but we believe that there are things that you can do in bed that can annoy any woman. Here are 5 pet peeves of women in bed:

    1. Surprise sex toys
      Don’t just brandish your sex toys right away! If anything, let her know that you have some kinky toys in your hidden chest that you’d like to play with. If you bust ‘em out, you would probably freak her out with the sheer size of that dildo that you’re itching to use on her. Do that and she’d probably think that you’re a sex freak on a mission. Make it sexy by making her excited about that toy you’re going to use.
    2. Talk about your ex
      The worst thing that you can do in a relationship is talk about your ex – and if you’re really planning to go on a full world war 3 apocalypse, then go – mention your ex in bed. Mentioning your ex in bed is a sure shot to end your night with a slap on the face. By all means, never EVER mention your ex in bed. Not her name, not her roommate, not her dog. You have been warned.
    3. Falling asleep right after sex
      How many of us are guilty of sleeping right after sex? Truth be told, it’s not really our fault, but our hormones. After sex, our body releases chemicals in our brain that lulls us to sleep. Sad to say, but women expect us to fight the urge of falling asleep and at least cuddling first before you go into a deep slumber.
    4. Bad hygiene
      Nobody wants to have sex with a stinker. Make sure that you practice proper hygiene not just for sex, but for yourself. Imagine her disgust when she’s about to go down on you and the first thing she smells is the pungent smell of your pee-soaked pubes. Ew, right? Let me give you the basics – shower, trim your pubes, and brush your teeth. Pretty simple, really.
    5. Unenthusiastic penis
      The worst thing that could happen for you – and for her in bed is an unenthusiastic penis. Whether it’s performance anxiety or lack of libido, it’s bad news in the bedroom. If you constantly experience erectile dysfunction, better take the best male enhancement pills like <a href=””>Formula 41 Extreme</a>.  Formula 41 Extreme will help you immensely with your performance in bed.

Don’t disappoint your partner! Make sure that you take note of every pet peeve mentioned in this article. Have fun!