Improve Sex

Do you know any of these myths?

Sex toys are one of the best things to happen to sex. Thanks to some of the kinkiest and most creative minds, we now have a device that works solely for sexual pleasure. Sex toys represent a billion dollar industry that has got many people hooked. With the rising popularity of sex toys, it’s not surprising to encounter some misconceptions about sex toys.

Myths and misconceptions always derail you from discovering a new passion, and in this case – sex toys may just be the device you need to satisfy your most carnal desires, but myths take that away from you. Do you believe any of these myths? Here are 5 myths about sex toys debunked:

    1. Sex toys are just for women
      The most popular sex toys are for women, but you’d be surprised to learn that there are also sex toys developed for men. The most popular ones –the blowup dolls, are one of the best-selling sex toys for men. Some toys are even more adventurous. If you’ve heard of the fleshlight, you’ve probably wondered if it’s real. It indeed is. Although male sex toys aren’t as popular, it does the job just the same.
    2. Once she uses a sex toy, she won’t have use for you anymore
      Being useless in bed is one of the worst fears that men have. That’s why there is a rational fear about dildos and vibrators that may replace the role of men in bed. Fortunately, there’s nothing like the real thing. Even though women can achieve a greater chance of having an orgasm when using sex toys, the pleasure of sexual penetration with a penis is more sexually rewarding. Just like how men can masturbate and reach an orgasm, men still think that having sex is the ultimate sexual pleasure.
    3. The harder, the better
      These are for the toys and devices used in BDSM. With the portrayal of Hollywood about BDSM, it’s no surprise that many of us have misconceptions about BDSM. The pleasure is not derived from pain, but from the feeling of being dominated, or being dominating. Therefore, more painful acts using toys, paddles, or whatever you have in your  BDSM arsenal, doesn’t directly correlate to sexual pleasure.
    4.  Sex toys aren’t just for single people
      People might want to use their sex toys more often when they’re not seeing anyone, but it doesn’t mean that only single people enjoy the benefits of sex toys. In fact, sex toys can be game changers in the bedroom. Couples can discover a new sensation that links both of their sexual pleasures in sex toys. Be creative with sex toys and see where it takes you.
    5. Men can’t compete with sex toys.
      It can be pretty intimidating to “compete” with a bigger, stiffer, and much more maneuverable device like sex toys, but men shouldn’t be intimidated. Women still find the real thing more pleasurable. If it’s the size and stiffness that you’re worried about, the best male enhancement supplements can help you with that. Formula 41 Extreme can easily improve the size of your penis, as well as your lasting power in bed.