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It is a known fact that working out can help in maintaining a healthy body. However, did you know that you can also improve sexual performance by doing some work outs? Exercising on a weekly basis for about 3-4 times can help you with your sexual endurance, flexibility and technique. What are these exercises that help in improving sexual performance?

Weight Lifting

When you are doing weight lifting, you are actually causing your body to produce more testosterone, which is important for your sex drive. There are some studies that were able to prove that increased levels of testosterone can be the cause of weight lifting. Aside from this, you can also do some short intense exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups and crunches. These strengthen your abs, chest and shoulders, resulting to better sex because you will be able to use these muscles efficiently during your sexual intercourse.


You can increase your sexual endurance by swimming 3 times every week, for at least 30 minutes per swimming session. You can also reduce your weight by swimming and weight loss is also proven to result to better sex. By losing some weight, you can be able to attain that sexy 6-pack abs that every lady would want to touch. With a sexy body, you appear more attractive to your bed partner, which eventually leads to better and more enjoyable sex.


How can this workout help in improving sexual performance? Yoga is focused in flexibility. You will be able to improve your sexual performance by getting used to different creative positions, which can provide you maximum pleasure when having sex. There are different yoga positions that are recommended for sexual health purposes and these include the Peacock Pose, Shoulder Stand and Bow Pose. All of these are aimed at improving your pelvic muscles.


This exercise is named after Arnold Kegel, a physician from Los Angeles and it strengthens your pelvic muscles, which can ultimately improve sexual performance. You can use it to delay ejaculation simply by contracting your pelvic muscles before you reach your climax.

Fast Walking

Aerobic exercises such as fast walking can help improve sexual performance by lowering your chance of suffering from erectile dysfunction or ED. The risk can be lowered for up to 30% because walking helps improve blood flow and circulation.

Running and fast walking along with other aerobic activities also help in preventing heart attacks, aside from improving your sexual performance. They do a great job in keeping the blood vessels clear, which can result to longer and stronger erections. They can also relax you, while at the same time releasing endorphins which are essential in boosting your sexual performance.

These workouts can help in improving your endurance, sexual technique and flexibility so make sure to try them. In addition to doing them, you can also try using some natural male enhancement supplements for better and faster results. Your partner will surely be amazed with your performance plus the fact that you can become healthier and stronger in the long run.