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Do you have a small penis? Here’s what you’re missing out on

Having a small penis isn’t the worst thing that could happen to you, but it would certainly make you miss a lot of good things in life. Due to the leaps and bounds in health and nutrition, the best male enhancement supplements are now available to help you increase the size of your penis with simple one-a-day formulas. Most men are embarrassed to even admit that they need penis enlargement pills, and that’s why many men still suffer from having penises that are below average in size.

Some may admit it, and some may not, but having a small penis does have its disadvantages. Here are 5 disadvantages of having a small penis:

  1. You have a limited range of sexual positions
    For starters, the missionary position is something that all men should be able to perform regardless of their penis size. However, it gives men with small penises a little variety of what they can do with their partner in bed. Some men with small penises can’t perform a doggy style properly to the dismay of their partners, much less anal or other more adventurous sex positions. It doesn’t mean that men with small penises can’t get their partners off, but it certainly makes sex boring over the years.
  2. Go deeper
    It’s an embarrassing moment when your partner is really in the mood for some rough sex, but you can’t give it to her. She says go deeper but you’re balls-deep in her vagina. She yells more but your anatomy can only stretch just as far. It can get very disappointing for your partner, and there’s nothing you can do about it.
  3. Less kinky sex
    What’s the sense of dry humping when she can’t feel your erection in your pants? Having a small penis can be easily mistaken for that fold in your jeans. If your partner decides to get a little bit kinky in public, and she decides to cop a feel, there may be nothing in your pants to show her how excited you are.
  4. There’s always someone bigger
    Half of being a man is being to take care of your ego. Having a small penis, however, means that you have to bury the idea that your partner must’ve had someone bigger than you, and you’re always doubting whether you’re really satisfying her, or she’s just too polite to tell you that you suck in bed.
  5. That’s it?
    We have to hand it off to women for being polite during sex. However, sometimes words just slip out of their mouths without really thinking about it thoroughly. You know it hurts your ego when she says “Is it in?” “Is that it?” and “It’s big” even though you know that you’re not gifted down there.

The funny thing is, there’s something that you can do to avoid these disadvantages. All you have to do is take the best male enhancement pills like Formula 41 Extreme to increase the size of your penis. That’s all there is to it.