Improve Sex

Are you tired of being the minute man?

Any woman will tell you that it’s hard to find a man that can last longer in bed. It seems like men who can last longer in bed are considered “prized” partners by women, since men who can last longer in bed are more capable of making women reach an orgasm –  a feat that’s becoming rarer and rarer today.

Generally, men are easier to please sexually than women. In fact, too many sexual encounters have been abruptly interrupted by premature ejaculation that men have struggled to find techniques to make them last longer in bed. Of all the myths about making yourself lasting longer in bed, here are 4 scientifically-proven techniques to help you last longer in bed.

  1. Build muscle
    Believe it or not, muscle fatigue is actually one of the leading reasons why men would intentionally want to climax early during sexual intercourse. Due to muscle fatigue, some men would rather finish early than to ruin the whole experience with cramps and weak arms. There’s a simple solution – build muscle! It helps you build your strength and endurance, both characteristics which are helpful during sexual intercourse.
  2. Masturbate before a date
    We’re taking a page off of a rom-com classic, There’s Something About Mary. According to the movie, when you masturbate before a date, you can make decisions clearer, and you can last longer in bed. In what appears to be a movie fad, it’s actually true. Your body reduces your testosterone levels after you climax, which makes you less receptive to sexual stimulus. Careful, though – this technique might impair you from delivering a mind-blowing sexual performance for your partner.
  3. Change your positions
    Changing positions during sex isn’t just a way to be adventurous. It also helps you last longer in bed. When you change positions, you’re basically resetting your sexual pleasure. Changing your sexual positions would make you delay your orgasm while figuring out what kind of position your partner likes best. There’s no better orgasm than finishing together with your partner, and changing your positions would help you get there eventually.
  1. Take the best supplements for male enhancement
    Sometimes, you just can’t help but to climax – and supplements make it all worth it. Supplements that contain good amounts of Maca Root, a supplement ingredient that balances hormones, make you last longer in bed by making you “reload” faster. After you orgasm, there is a refractory period – a time that your body is less interested to pursue further sexual activities. Maca Root balances your hormones and makes your body ready again to climax. Sometimes, the best way to climax is just to let go when you feel like it, and surprise her by getting ready again in a fraction of the time. An example of the best male enhancement supplement that contains Maca Root is Marathon Man Maca 1000 – a supplement that would surely make you the marathon man.