Truderma Viaxus Review – Does it work?

Truderma Viaxus Male Enhancement Review Have you ever tried buying male enhancement products from major pharmacy chains like Walgreens? At first thought, you’d assume that everything sold at Walgreens is legit, right? That’s what people at Truderma is hoping to convey when they did what they could to make their… Truderma Viaxus Review – Does…


Enzyte Review – Should you use it? 

Enzyte Male Enhancement Supplement Review  Would you purchase male enhancement supplements from your local pharmacy? Our review about Enzyte is just the latest in our string of reviews that focus on male enhancement supplements sold nationwide in the largest pharmacy chains. Enzyte is a male enhancement supplement sold in local… Enzyte Review – Should you…


Xtra for Men Review – Is it Effective? 

Xtra for Men Fast-Acting Male Enhancement Pill Review Overview    When it comes to male enhancement supplements, the advertising and marketing of a product hardly ever tells the complete information of what you need to know about the product. In an industry where 95% of the products are either ineffective… Xtra for Men Review –…


Xanogen Review – Does it work?

Xanogen Male Enhancement Supplement Review Overview Would you consider buying a male enhancement drug knowing that you can make it more effective by using a drug? If you answered yes, then this supplement might be the right one for you. Xanogen is a male enhancement supplement supposedly formulated to increase… Xanogen Review – Does it…


Prolatis 2.0 Review – Is it effective?

Prolatis 2.0 Fast-Acting Male Enhancement Pill Review Overview Prolatis 2.0 is the rebirth of the disgraced Prolatis male enhancement pill, which was taken out of commission in 2010. The precursor to Prolatis 2.0 has violated several FDA protocols involving the use of prescription drugs in supplement formulas. Prolatis was pulled… Prolatis 2.0 Review – Is…

Mojo Risen Review – Is it safe? 

Mojo Risen Male Enhancement Supplement Review  Overview Would you buy a supplement that is banned by the FDA? Surprisingly, many would still consider buying a banned supplement despite the health risks. In the business of male enhancement supplements, saying that the product is dangerous is like saying that the product… Mojo Risen Review – Is…

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P Boost Review – Should you use it? 

P Boost Fast Acting Male Enhancement Pill Review Overview  Without getting too economical with supplements, taking one pill versus taking a number of pills just to get the same result makes more sense, right? For male enhancement supplements, taking the pill before go time makes much more sense than taking… P Boost Review – Should…

Vega XL

Vega XL Review – Is it worth it?  

A pill and a gel, what could go wrong? Overview   With all the bogus products in the supplement market today, a new preparation for a male enhancement pill is a welcome change. Vega XL is a penis enlargement product that gives you two-part solution to enlarge your penis. Vega XL… Vega XL Review – Is…

Pro Enhance

ProEnhance Patch – Does it work at all?  

Are patches a good thing for male enhancement?  Overview The number of products offered in transdermal patches has increased considerably in the last decade. Patches are known to be consistent delivery systems for medicine, and the convenience that it offers make patches one of the best options, especially for older… ProEnhance Patch – Does it…

Orexis 2

Orexis Review – Does it work? 

Is it worth to buy Orexis? For those who have followed the male enhancement supplement market over the past few years, you might have heard of Orexis. A few years back, Orexis was sold out of a company in New York called Urban Nutrition, and for a while it was… Orexis Review – Does it…

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